Lombard Rally Festival Grimsthorpe Castle - June 30th 2024 - our tarmac demonstration stage spectacular!

We are delighted to be back in the fantastic surroundings of Grimsthorpe Castle for the third time, running alongside the Baston Car Show as usual.

The brilliant all tarmac stage running away from the Castle with the picturesque lake alongside, with many testing corners before opening out to the finish. To make the stage even more interesting, it is run in both directions to bring the cars back to the Castle after each group of cars have completed.

Henri & Neil Wilson

Turners at Merryfield

Bob Dennis Legacy at Duncombe Park

Look at the great tarmac stage - join cars like Dom Booth's Quattro at Grimsthorpe Castle in 2024

Bob Bean RAC 75
Jumping Jeff Queens Wood 76 RAC

Alongside the amazing Baston Car and Bike Show, our Grimsthorpe Castle event attracts huge numbers of spectators to the spectacular historic estate.

With some very special "hero" cars and drivers attending, plus we are delighted to be raising funds for UKRacing4Aid which is supplying support in Ukraine for prosthetics, amongst other things.

. 1. Andy Dawson Lancia Stratos 2. John Peck Ford Escort Cosworth 3. Will Nicholls Subaru Impreza 4. Lee Ashberry Ford Escort RS1800 “Andrews” 5. Dom Booth Audi Quattro A2 6. Bob Smith Escort G3 7. Charlie Gabb Nissan 240RS 8. Tony Shields Opel Manta 400 9. John Senior Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 10. Kevin Vaites Ford Escort RS1800 11. Neil Brighton Renault 5Turbo Tour de Course 12. Tony Ginns Ford Escort Mexico 13. 14. Phil Marriott Peugeot 205 RWD 15. James Avis Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 16. Dai “Dot” Davies Vauxhall Chevette HSR 17. Michael Davies Nissan Sunny Gti 18. Chris Common Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 19. Justin Lawson Ford Escort RS1800 “Li-Lo” 20. Gareth Davies Vauxhall Chevette HS 21. Malcolm Leggate Lancia Delta Integrale 22. Mick Strafford Vauxhall Firenza “Can-Am” 23. Ray Radford Ford Escort Mk2 24. Mike Morgan Ford Escort Mk1 25. David Patrick Opel Manta 400 26. Bill Dobie Ford Escort RS1600 27. Ian Barnes Ford Puma RWD 28. Andy Harrison Mini “Orangebox” 29. Rob Jones Volkswagen Golf Gti 30. Darren Harris Peugeot 205 31. Sheridan Bell Renault 5 Turbo 32. Ian Horn Triumph TR7 33. Steve Ellis Mini Cooper S 34. Howard Staves Ford Escort Mk2 35. Ash Powell Metro 6R4 36. Duncan Pearcey Datsun 240Z 37. Adrian Lloyd Vauxhall Chevette 38. Graham Wingfield Ford Escort RS2000 39. Jeff Wakefield Talbot Samba Group B 40. Henry Lunn Ford Escort Mk2 41. Mark Smith Ford Escort Mk2 “Rothmans” 42. Philip Ashworth Volvo 142 43. Tom Bradley Mini 1275GT 44. Andy Sirrs Ford Cortina GT 45. Colin Jebson Volvo Amazon 46. Stuart Coldron Mini 1275GT 47. Malcolm Leggate Talbot Sunbeam ti 48. Wayne Mears Talbot Sunbeam 49. John Flynn Ford Cortina Mk2 50. Richard Claydon Hillman Imp 51. Mark Field Triumph Spitfire 52. 53. 54. Joe Chapman Vauxhall Nova 55. 56. 57. 58. Gary Dixon Vauxhall Astra 59. Flynn Mini Cooper S 60. Jamie Elston Impreza