The Lombard Rally Festival Grimsthorpe Castle - part of the Baston Bike and Car Show brought us to a fantastic tarmac rally stage through the Park.

Lombard Rally Festival Chepstow Racecourse on August 27th brings us to a mixed surface stage, part of which was used on the ever popular Wyedean Rally, but we are able to add a great tarmac section as well on August 27th. Spectating from the Grandstand will be spectacular.

Entry Details: Lombard Rally Festival Chepstow Racecourse 2022 Entry Form

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After this we return to North Yorkshire and the equally iconic Duncombe Park stage near Thirsk - scene of many great battle on both the Mintex and RAC rallies. Again a great spectator area and higher speed stage will welcome on October 22nd.

The Lombard Rally Festival Grimsthorpe Castle on July 10th 2022

Recreating a typical mixed surface stage inside the grounds of a Stately Home, just like those used on the "Sunday Run" of a late 1970s or early 1980s Lombard RAC Rally. These stages were designed to make the enormous numbers of spectators able to visit a more suitable location, rather than trecking into a remote forest stage.

The Rally Festival will form part of the Baston Car and Bike Show at Grimsthorpe Castle on Sunday 10th July.

After this we return to the South West and South Wales event at Chepstow Racecourse on August 27th, before Duncombe Castle on October 22nd. Again a great spectator area and stage.  Entry Details here:

2022 Lombard Rally Festival Duncombe Park Entry and Information form

Following Lombard Rally Bath in November, we move to new events in Surrey and Staffordshire - dates and details will be issued soon.


The Lombard RAC Rally in Bath in 1976.

Tim Nash, who thought up this event, taking part in the Rally that inspired Lombard Rally Bath. These pictures show Tim, with co-driver Chris Denham, in their Mazda Rx3 on loose surface stages that made up most of the rally in those days, plus the start in Great Pulteney Street, Bath.

The Lombard Rally Festival Series of Events started in 2021. Following the huge success of our rally recreation events, in 2021 we took them to new parts of the UK.

In 2022 we kicked off our series on April 8th and 9th based in Harrogate.

On July 10th we entertained the crowds at Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire.


On August 27th we are at Chepstow Racecourse, overlooking the River Severn.

Moving up to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area to recreate for the first time the many rallies based in the area in the past, with Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle. In 2022 we will recreate aa airfield stage used on the Lindisfarne International Rally, the Hadrian Centurion Rally and many other events alike. Full spectator facilities, catering and shopping opportunities, what a day out it will be.

In mid-October we will be adding another event - location to be announced soon.

November brings us back to Bristol for the fantastic Lombard Rally Bath, with, for the second time, stages run in the dark. Our special guests on the event will be the cars and drivers of the works Mini team from the 1960s - including Paddy Hopkirk and Brian Culcheth.