Lombard Rally Bath 2022 will add an "Abingdon Mini Reunion" to the event, with star drivers and cars joining us - watch out for details. After our hugely successful Rally Festival in Newcastle, we will continued our tour of Britain with...

Lombard Rally Bath will again bring you the popular 'Friday in the Dark' followed by visits to stately home stages and lunch at Prescott Hill, subject to continuing negotiations.

Spectators loved a revisit to a fan favourite from our 2019 Lombard Rally Bath in Tredegar on August 21st

lombard-rally-bath-2021 Mick Strafford at Great Tew

Parc Bryn Bach is right in the head of the gorgeous welsh valleys, with the height to prove it.

Following the road over the mountain, with scenic turns and unexpected twists it runs at the edge of the park where you will be centred all day. You can expect to see 60 historic cars taking multiple attempts at the stage all day, with plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes.