The Lombard RAC Rally in Bath in 1976.

These pictures show Tim Nash, who thought up this event, taking part in the Rally that inspired Lombard Rally Bath 2018. These pictures show Tim, with co-driver Chris Denham, in their Mazda Rx3 on loose surface stages that made up most of the rally in those days, plus the start in Great Pulteney Street, Bath.

A great team has been recruited to organise our events, with the legendary Graham Robson running the commentary and interviews with Mark Stone of Motoring North West. Social events are assisted by John Foden.  Pauline Gullick has been helping with organisation also.

Pauline Gullick has assisted with recruiting our "Star Drivers". Pauline is particularly well known for co-driving Rosemary Smith - one of those drivers coming to Bath. The other picture depicts Pauline recently with Bob Chapman who was also a member of the Bristol based Tavern Motor Club in the 1970s,