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On Saturday 17th October a single, restricted spectator area will be available, near Cirencester. There will be strict social distancing regulations in place and your temperature will be checked on arrival.  To purchase one of the very exclusive tickets


Cars of all sorts will be on display all day long, with rally cars demonstrated on one of the special stages set out, with some special treats to see.

We would prefer that you watch the action live all day from your home on various internet enabled devices. To book access and purchase a programme to help you follow the action https://lombardrallybath.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/lombard_rally_bath_tv__live_coverage_with_cooper_tire_and_rubber


The cars taking part in Lombard Rally Bath will first visit at around 9.30 am

Drivers and Motorsport personalities will be interviewed by Mark Stone, with Sarah Hall providing commentary.

No other Historic Car event in the UK will compare. Thank your for the support of Cooper Tire and Rubber to make this possible.