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The organisers of Lombard Rally Bath would like to suggest three places away from Bath on the saturday run, where you can watch the cars. Firstly, at around 11.00a.m the first cars will arrive at Wiscombe Park, which is between Axminster and Honiton in Devon. Entry will be £5.00 per head and there will be a commentary, a catering van and all of the usual amenities. If you want to see the cars in action we very seriously recommend going to Wiscombe. Instructions on finding the hill climb can be found on the Wiscombe Park website.

Secondly, the cars will be at the Beach Hotel in Minehead from around 1.00p.m. which would be a good opportunity to see them at rest.

Finally, there will be at a timecontrol at www.tarnockgarage.co.uk on the A38 at Tarnock, near Axbridge at around 3.15p.m.

All of these venues should give the opportunity to say hello to the drivers, get an autograph or a photograph.

The route of Lombard Rally Bath is based on that of the 1976 Lombard Rally – lots of spectators came to Wiscombe Park that Monday morning – lets see if we can get even more in 2018!

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    1. Paul, the first car is due at Cricket at 10.00 a.m. It is not officially a spectator stage, but we have no authority to either say yes or no! We would prefer that you go to Wiscombe Park from 11.00a.m.

    1. Pete, thanks for your interest. The cars will be assembling at the Bath Spa Hotel from the late afternoon on Friday 19th and will start to travel down to Great Pulteney Street from 7.45am on Saturday. The full start in Great Pulteney Street will be from 7.55 a.m. on Saturday 20th.

      Hope that helps.

  1. Is the route the cars will follow from and back to Bath available?
    Some of it is obvious but the section from Longleat to Cricket St Thomas has a few permutations as to whether it passes through Crewkerne or Ilminster then Chard.

    Fo those of us unable to get to Wiscombe, we could watch them pass en route (as we used to do when the rally was run).


    1. Out of Bath on the A36 to Warminster and Longleat. Afterwards, From Horningsham to Mere, then the A303 to Crewkerne, then up to Cricket St Thomas. After Cricket the cars will go through Axminster and Colyford to Wiscombe Park, at 11.00am. After Wiscombe, they will go through Honiton to the A303 back to Taunton, then to Minehead for lunch at 1.00p.m. After lunch they travel to Porlock, up the Toll Road, back to Bridgwater and then to the A38 to Tarrnock Garage near Axbridge at 3.45pm. Following that they will go up Cheddar Gorge and on to the Mendips. Through the Chew Valley at Bishop Sutton, Chelwood and Marksbury to join the A4 at Corston and back to the Bath Spa Hotel at 5.15pm.

      1. Will they actually drive through Crewkerne or Bypass Crewkerne on the A303? They would have to come on the A356 through North street.

        1. The cars will drive straight through the centre of Crewkerne. Coming in to the High Street opposite Lloyds Bank and then right, out towards Cricket St Thomas. From about 9.45am

        1. I’m afraid that Longleat will not be open to spectators. You will be able to see the cars on the way in near Centre Parcs from around 8.30 and coming out again in Horningsham

  2. Thanks for the info so far.
    Any detail on the route and time through Taunton ?
    Also what time is Porlock Toll Road ? – I think I remember Vatman rolling a course car on there…

    1. The cars will come into Taunton from the B3170, coming through to the A358 towards Bishop Lydiard. They will be arriving at around 12.15 at a rough guess. The first car is due at Porlock at 2.05p.m.

  3. I am coming to Wiscombe on Saturday and agree the roads are narrow there. I note that the first car should arrive about 11am. What time is the venue open for spectators to arrive before that? Thanks. Steve

  4. Hi

    What would be the estimated time for first car through and up Cheddar Gorge, I live in Priddy and it would be good to wander down and see them.


  5. I used to watch the RAC rally in the 80’s in Grizedale Forest. I didnt realise this rally existed. How often does it happen?

    1. Jean, this is the first time that Lombard Rally Bath has run. We are also running Mintex Rally Yorkshire on the last weekend of April 2019, based in York. All being well there will be another Lombard RAlly Bath in October 2019.

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