DON’T GET BORED WAITING FOR LIVE RALLY ACTION – LOMBARD RALLY BATH TV IS HERE NOW – Programme 1 with films and Brian Culcheth is available now,

programme 2 with Louise Aitken-Walker and Rosemary Smith,

followed by programme 3 – 1976 Lombard RAC Rally Retrospective with Stuart Pegg (winning co-driver) and Robin Eyre-Maunsell.

The Route to be Taken

Lombard Rally Bath 2020 will again be based at the Bath Racecourse at Landsdown, on the edge of Bath. As in 2019. on Saturday morning the first car will leave at 8.30a.m. following a route that initially recreats the first morning of the 1986 Lombard RAC Rally. Starting from Bath Racecourse the cars will head into Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, to the first stage at Badminton House. Mid-morning on Saturday will see the cars arrive at the Kemble Rally Festival, at the Cotswold Airport on the edge of Kemble where they will drive two separate special stages, set out exactly as they used to be in the 1970s or 80s. Following one run around the both stages,  the cars will return to a fenced car park, to swap rally stories old and new. Whilst the drivers have a quick coffee, spectators will be able to have a look at the cars, before they have a second run. There will be other attractions and stands to visit. SPECTATOR NOTE – THE USUAL FACILITIES SUCH AS A CATERING COURT AND A LARGE VIEWING SCREEN WILL BE AVAILABLE WITH A COMMENTARY, PLEASE SPECTATE HERE.

The cars will then have another run over both stages, before moving on to other stately home style stages in the area, taking lunch at one of them. We hope that spectators will keep to the designated areas only. be welcome to see the cars at rest.

After lunch, the cars will return to the Kemble Rally Festival for further runs on both stages and a further stage at Badminton House – in all at least twelve stages during the day will be completed.

In the early evening the cars will return to Bath Racecourse.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Should it be necessary to limit the number of spectators, or even close the venues completely, the whole event will be live streamed to ticket holders so that they will miss nothing. The filming will include a commentary and interviews with entrants at Kemble – nothing will be missed!

The Dinners

SATURDAY’S Dinner will take place in the Georgian splendour of Bath’s Assembly Rooms. Guest tickets are available, and, like last year, will raise funds for the Charity chosen by Lombard Rally Bath’s organisers. Again, should social distancing still be necessary, the Dinner will take place on a “Drive-In” basis in front of a large screen to allow suitable entertainment.

On Sunday Morning, after a leisurely breakfast there will be an optional run back to the Mendips, offering two more stages to drive,  plus a run up Cheddar Gorge, which proved so popular in 2018, before lunch.

The entries for Lombard Rally Bath 2020 are two thirds full,so if you would like to join us, don’t hang about they won’t last long!

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