Great Entries are rolling in

We have been amazed by the quality and number of enties that come in, with almost exactly a year to go to Lombard Rally Bath. We have Fords from the first Escorts – Twin Cams – through RS1600 from the early 1970s, Mk2 Escorts from the later 1970s, an ex-works Puma 1400, Sierra Cosworths, through to an Escort Cosworth and a Focus. We just await a Cortina and a Zephyr, both of which we are promised.

Avengers Assemble – no not Captain America, but some Hillman Avengers, plus the Talbot Sunbeams that followed on in competition terms – we have both, plus a Hillman Imp.

Volkswagens – both Beetles and Golfs will be with us. Toyotas – Celicas and Corollas from the 1970s onwards will grace the streets of Bath and our route.

Lancias, including a genuine ex-works Alitalia Stratos, Mercedes Benz inculding Tony Fowkes reunited with his Johnson Wax supported 450SLC from 1977. Iconic Datsun 240Z will growl over the route.

BMC/British Leyland/ARG – whichever period we will have something for you. From the iconic Mini Cooper, through the Austin Maxi and Allegro, the Triumph 2.5PI, the rumbling Triumph TR7V8 and Rover 3500 to the howling Metro 6R4.

So whether you are thinking of filling the rapidly decreasing numbers of entries available, or you want to come and spectate, Bath will be the place on 19th, 20th and 21st October 2018.

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