We will try and answer some frequently asked questions below. If you don't find the answers you need, please feel free to email or ring us.

Do I need a competitions license, helmet or other safety devices?

No, you need none of those. This is a tour event that falls outside of the scope of RACMSA competition rules. However we recommend the use of a helmet at least on the off-road venues.

As a spectator, where can I see the cars?

The cars will be on display at Bath Racecourse on friday evening, plus you will be able to see the cars depart from there starting from 8.00 a.m. on saturday. If you want to see the cars in action, we recommend that you attend Cirencester Park from mid-morning on saturday, where there will also be various family attractions, catering and a commentary. Later in the day there will be further spectator spots in South Wales.

What does taking part cost?

The cost of attending the two dinners and taking part on the saturday run is £480.00 for a crew of two. This is subject to entry being received along with full payment by 31st March 2019.

Entry, should there still be positions available, will be £520.00 after that date.

Whenever you enter, a deposit of £100.00 is required with the entry.

Please ask for an entry form.

New for 2019 - a short optional extra run on sunday as well.

The Rally Dinner on Saturday will be held at the Celtic Manor Resort near Newport.


Our recommended Bath Hotel for 2019 will the Apex Hotel - Bath's newest and largest hotel. On Saturday evening we have arranged various packages at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Full details of costs for Friday in Bath and Saturday night in Newport are shown on the entry form. Costs start from £350.00 for the two nights at the rally base hotels.  Obviously other hotels are available nearby.

What if I want to stay elsewhere?

No problem at all. However, we will have various very special room rates available.

Obviously other hotels are available in Bath  and Newport, as are camping and caravaning facilities.